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Welcome To My World
My Crazy World

Once in a while someone will come into your life and touch your heart. I would like to thank my friends that have been here for me when times are not so good. I am lucky to have a few special net friends that have listened to me and helped me through my tough days. They have given me strength and hope for a better tomorrow. They are my source of light and inspiration.

At times it seems as though I scream and nobody hears. It seems like no matter how high I jump nobody sees me. I wish to escape, but have nowhere to run. When all in my life seems crazy and confusing, deep in my heart, I find comfort in knowing I have friends that care. I have friends that I can count on. I have friends who will take the time to listen to me and help me feel better about who I am.

All my life I have worked hard at making people happy and feeling loved. It has been my lifes goal to make this world a better place to live by finding a way of putting joy in other peoples lives. I have measured the value of my life by what I have been able to do for others. Nothing makes me more content in my life than knowing I have brought joy into someone elses life. Nothing hurts me more than feeling as though I am at a loss for helping my friend, or thinking that I have caused someone elses grief.

Lately my life has been a roller coaster ride. I am not sure where this ride is headed. Some of the ride is fun and comfortable. Other parts are down right rough and scary. I fear every turn and hill. I feel blinded and at times I am ready to jump and bail from this ride. Part of me likes to stay safe and comfortable. Another part is eager to start over.


My sons are number one in my life. All of my thoughts and plans revolve around their well-being. My family is important to me. I am starting over to make a better life for my sons and for me.  Together with Thomas, we will be the family that I had hoped.  Thomas has stepped up to the plate and has reminded me that I do deserve to be loved back.  Thomas has been my source of strength.  I am honored to have Thomas in my life, not only as my best friend, but as my husband as well. 

I have no idea what turns our lives will take.  I am starting over hoping that this time we will work together to stay as a family.  The past few years have been hard on me.  I feel that I am often misunderstood.  I suppose that this is my fault as from a very tiny child I had to hide the very darkest secrets in my life.  I learned how to keep a smile on my face while dying away inside.  This divorce from Roger took everyone by surprise.  No one saw it coming.  I am not sure that I did myself, but from the outside my world looked perfect.  No one knew the loneliness I felt.  No one knew the heart ache I suffered waiting for the day when my ex would finally give me the time of day.  That day never did come, but I have learned to stop waiting and move on.   The last two years were a kick in the pants. I will be happy to see them gone and I pray that something good comes our way. There is so much to hope for, so many needs I need met. I finally have more wind in my sails and it is time for me to live again.... happily ever after!