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Welcome To My World
My Girls

I have always looked for comfort from animals. They love unconditionally. This is a trait that I have admired in animals all my life. I have always felt a deep sense of comfort with the animals in my life. They give me the warm and gentle uplifting feeling that, at times, I have longed to find in my personal life. At times they have been my replacement for the empty feeling that I have inside when friends and family are unable to comfort me, unable to accept my ways, unable to meet my needs. I wish that everyone could love the way animals do. I hope that when times are not good, that I will always have a pet in my life to give me the comfort that others can not.



Susie is a TB that raced on the Winnipeg track. She was purchased through the local horse trader. She is very sweet, but herd tied. She listens well and is finally starting to stand up for herself. She is no longer the bottom of the pecking order here. She was born in 1992 and has foaled once. Unfortunantly her baby quickly became sway back and was put down. She seems a bit accident prone, but has had two good years.


Chester-aka Mario!

Chester came here Dec. 23rd 2000 to replace the pony we lost in the spring due to founder. Chester came from Alberta through a horse trader that was passing through. He is about 14 years old. He is very 'pony-like' with pony attitude!


Bella and Irish

Bella is my old quarter horse. She is about 17 years old and my best trained horse. Bella has an awesome mane and tail. She is easy going and easy to handle. She was my cheapest horse. I was lucky enough to have my friend phone me about her neighbour that wanted this sweetheart gone by dark. Lucky for me, lucky for bella! Irish is my young girl on the property. She is 7. Irish lost one eye due to a horrible train accident. Even though she is half blind she is my fastest horse around our property. She is a happy and loveable girl that loves to be loved. She runs full speed and jumps things that are in her way. She is a sweetheart!

bella and Irish

Chum, Sadie, Susie

Chum came here Feb.12, 2001. He is a four year old qh/belgian cross. I didn't go to buy a horse the day I picked him out, but how could I not... he was the largest puppy on the property. He followed me everywhere. I had to bring this big boy home! Sadie was also born in 1992. She's percheron/appaloosa cross. This big girl is the herd boss. She listens well when she accepts the rider as the boss. Just don't give her an inch! Susie-she is my sweetie!

Chum, Sadie, Susie

Our Cows

This is a picture of our Polled Hereford cows with a spring baby. The calf is five days old in this picture. He is going to be traded for another bull that we can use for breading. He is black because he has his fathers colouring. His father is a Black Angus. Our cows are very friendly. I feed them horse cookies from my hand. I love my cows!


spring 2001 babies with two moms

spring 2001 bull to be traded for another bull

blue horse