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Welcome To My World


The love of animals is important to me. I believe they bring out the best in all of us. I wish that all people could learn to love as unconditionally as animals do.

What's New?

It is unbelievable the turns one's life can take in such a short time.  One day I thought I had love and happiness and in the blink of an eye, I found myself searching for somewhere to turn, some place to call my home.  There are no words to express the great sorrow that I felt in my heart over the loss of my relationship with my husband.  There were only tears on my cheek where the smiles used to be. 
In all the sadness there came a ray of light, a source of hope and strength.  I was lucky enough to find Thomas.  He helped me through all the tough times and helped me smile again.  Countless times he put me back together.  When I had nowhere else to turn, I turned to Thomas.  He held out  his heart and arms, and opened his home to me.  I leaned on him like no other and he held me up.  I believe that Thomas has saved me from my past and given me hope for a brighter, better future.  I believe that together we can do anything... incuding enjoy life for a change!



Here I am ... at my pc chatting with my very sweet friends!

It looks like I have now lost my cows and my horses are soon to follow.  Just another check mark on the things I have come to lose!

I hope you enjoy my web site.  Please use the index at the top to go from page to page.  I will try to update soon, as I know I am months behind.  I just need a little time to get things here back in order.